County News from Commissioner Rader

DeKalb County publishes press releases related to county government news. Our office will make an effort to publish these releases to the Web site especially when we feel they are important to District 2. We will also publish our own press releases when we feel there is other important news about District 2 and Commissioner Rader. If you would like to see all the current County press releases go to the DeKalb County news page. If you have a suggestion for a news item, please contact us.

03/02/17 12:20 pm

Department Relocations

Due to the sale of the Clark Harrison Building in December, seven DeKalb County departments relocated, including Planning, Facilities Management, DeKalb Watershed Management Inspectors, Community Development, Code Enforcement, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Recreation, Parks and Cultural Affairs. 

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02/08/17 11:56 am

Updated list of Elected Officials

DeKalb County has posted an updated list of elected officials

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10/06/16 3:17 pm

Explanation of Special Election on DeKalb County Homestead Exemption, Act 264, House Bill 596

In 2015, the DeKalb Delegation passed local legislation to call a referendum this November to extend the existing Homestead Property Tax Assessment Freeze (applicable only to County taxes) until 2022. 

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