Event Details

W.D. Thomson Park Work Day

March 18, 2018 (2:00 pm - 5:00 pm)

W. D. Thomson Park
1760 Mason Mill Rd
Decatur, GA 30033

Because we are a fiscal affiliate of the tax-exempt non-profit organization Park Pride, which assists park volunteer groups across Atlanta and Dekalb County, you can contribute to us via their project fund for W. D. Thomson Park.
Here's how:
    •    Visit the Park Pride web site:
    •    Find the page for donating to a *specific* "Friends of" group.
    ◦    Look in their donation FAQs under "Can I give money to a specific park or project?" and find the link to their project donation form.
    ◦    Shortcut:  This link should take you directly to that project-specific donation form:
    •    For the first item on that form, "Choose a Park to Support," scroll down to where you see our name. We're listed there simply as "Thomson Park."
    •    Complete the form with your donation information and how you'd like to receive your acknowledgment.
    •    Of course, we encourage you to support Park Pride's work with a general donation to them as well, but those funds won't be earmarked for W. D. Thomson.
We've got bridges and trails to rebuild, sheep & goats to rent (for removing English ivy), native plants to plant and benches to install... and your donations will help us make 2018 a year for reclaiming and restoring even more of our beautiful park.

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