DeKalb County Transit Master Planning Moves Forward

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DeKalb County Transit Master Planning Moves Forward

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DeKalb County Government, in partnership with the Atlanta Regional Commission, and Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority are working together to develop DeKalb County’s Transit Master Plan.

“The Transit Master Plan will identify fiscally sensible transit improvements that address the mobility needs of all of our residents,” said DeKalb County CEO Michael L. Thurmond. “DeKalb County is poised to lead the region into the next frontier of transit implementation and plans to enhance the county’s robust network of transportation options.”

DeKalb’s Transit Master Plan will address the county’s mobility challenges, help to enhance future development opportunities, and improve the quality of life within each of DeKalb’s cities and unincorporated communities, both north and south.

“The City of Decatur is certainly not alone in its excitement to work hand-in-hand with DeKalb County, the other municipalities, and the study partners on the Transit Master Plan,” said Decatur Mayor Patti Garrett. “Our residents are eager for the opportunity to join the community conversation about transit and contribute to the county-wide plan.”

DeKalb County is one of 13 counties within the umbrella of the newly formed Atlanta-region Transit Link Authority (or The ATL). This agency is charged with coordinating existing and future transit service for the region.

Two public meetings were held in March 2018 to gather community input on transportation views and a series of public engagement activities will take place in October 2018, March 2019, and May 2019. For information about the DeKalb County Transit Master Plan, visit or contact Beverly Kimmons, The Collaborative Firm, 404-684-7031 or [email protected].

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