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Demographic Information

The chart above depicts key demographical information for the entirety of District 2—including Incorporated areas. According to the 2010 Census, District 2 is the second most populated District and has a Median Household Income that is substantially higher than that of the County. Additionally, although it the highest percentage of renters, District 2 has the lowest percentage of vacant housing than any of the other Commission Districts.


Total Population 152,823
White Alone White Alone: 66.70%
African American Alone African American Alone: 12.74%
Asian Alone Asian Alone: 1.98%
Hispanic or Latino (all races) Hispanic or Latino (All races): 16.31%

Household Characteristics

Owner-Occupied Housing Units Owner-Occupied Housing Units: 45.63%
Renter-Occupied Housing Units Renter-Occupied Housing Units: 54.37%
Vacant Housing Units Vacant Housing Units: 6.43%
Median Housing Value Median Housing Value: $376,461
Median Contract Rent Median Contract Rent: $924

Income and Poverty

District Median Household Income District Median Household Income: $67,0404
DeKalb Median Household Income DeKalb Median Household Income: $53,994
Household Income in the past 12 Months Below Poverty Line Household Income in the past 12 Months Below Poverty Line: 12.68%


Average Household Size Average Household Size: 2.2
Total Number of Households Total Number of Households: 66,565