From the Desk of CEO Michael Thurmond re: Water & Sewer Infrastructure

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From the Desk of CEO Michael Thurmond re: Water & Sewer Infrastructure

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Dear Valued Customer,

DeKalb County has worked tirelessly to address the critical improvements needed for our water and sewer infrastructure.  In September 2019, the county began the “Briarcliff Corridor Water Infrastructure Replacement Project.”

This project has resulted in several improvements:

  • Water Main Repair & Replacement:
    • 36,000 feet of water mains total
    • 8,000 feet of 12-inch lines
    • 28,000 feet of 8-inch lines
    • 4,000 feet on Briarcliff Rd., which is a Georgia Department of Transportation roadway
  • 65 new hydrants installed (replaced to connect to the new system) and 141 new valves
  • There will be no interruptions to hydrants and fire protection

In preparation for the new water main, contractors working on behalf of the county will be required to replace your water service line from the main to the meter.  Note that the water service line connecting the county meter to your home is private. This work is scheduled to begin on Monday, Sept. 14, 2020. Please be advised that this project will briefly impact your water service while the service is transferred. This water outage will last approximately 1 hour. Approximately 3 days before the work is set to begin, you will receive a yellow doorhanger at your residence letting you know the work is scheduled for your neighborhood.  You may also see a notification sign at the beginning of your subdivision.  On the day of installation, a DeKalb County representative will knock on residence doors to inform residents the work is underway.

DeKalb Department of Watershed Management (DWM) contractors, working on behalf of the county, will work diligently to minimize the length of impact to residents. Also, please note all staff working on behalf of DeKalb County will have proper identification and will drive marked contractor vehicles.

Ahead of the new water line being activated, DWM encourages residents to have their individual water lines and/or plumbing systems checked by a professional plumber. The water line itself is not part of the public system and is the responsibility of each homeowner.

Periodically checking your home’s plumbing system will keep it working optimally.  Most water systems are designed to operate between 55 to 80 pounds per square inch (PSI).  House water pressures are regulated by a pressure reducing valve (PRV). These valves are often installed by a plumber during construction of the home. These valves use springs and rubber seals to prevent water pressure in the house from reaching levels above the designed limits.

We appreciate your patience as we work to improve the quality of life for DeKalb residents.

For more information regarding the Briarcliff Corridor Water Infrastructure Replacement Project, please do not hesitate to contact the DWM Project Information line at 1-800-986-1108 or email [email protected].


Michael L. Thurmond

Chief Executive Officer, DeKalb County

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