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Location: Northern portion of the county.
Commission Districts 2 & 4
Super District 6
Small Area Plan (SAP): Medline LCI Study
Implementation Tool: DeKalb County Zoning Code, Chapter 27

The LCI Plan for Medline offers a broad long range plan for land use, transportation, health policies and economic development. The area is currently undergoing rapid redevelopment and more, similar redevelopment projects are expected in the near future. These guidelines recognize and reflect the recommendations within the LCI report as well as the supplemental recommendations for the Medline Core district. They also seek to establish reasonable transitions on the edges of the study area. To this end, the Medline LCI is divided into four areas and each has their own regulations in regards to zoning, density and use. The four areas are as follows:

 Area A – Medline Core Area
 Area B – Tuxworth Blackmon
 Area C – Medlock Plaza
 Area D – Lower Medlock

The Medline Activity Center derives from the Medline Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Study. The core of the study is the Decatur Road/ Church Street/Scott Boulevard “triangle”.

Some of the goals of the plan:
 Encourage diversity of mixed income neighborhoods, employment, and recreational choices
 Provide access to a wide range of travel modes, including transit, walking and biking.
 Develop an outreach process that promotes involvement of all stakeholders. Land Use recommendations from the study are being used as policy guidelines in the Comprehensive Plan