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As mentioned previously, District 2 has several cities that fall within its boundaries, but none are as well-known as the City of Atlanta. Atlanta is home to many tourist attractions such as the CNN Center, World of Coke, Georgia Aquarium and the Botanical Gardens. Although a small fraction is included within DeKalb County (roughly 10%), it still stands to benefit from the city’s diverse economy that includes focus areas in logistics, professional and business services, media operations, and information technology. Efforts to revitalize the Atlanta area (and by extension those around it) initially began in the 1996 Olympics, but has intensified in the 21st century, a trend which as impacted the demographics, politics and cultural landscape of the region as well as the physical.

Despite its well-known traffic problems, Atlanta is also easily accessible through public transit. The city is home to MARTA’s Five Points station where patrons can change from the North and Southbound routes to the East-West line and vice versa. The city was founded in 1837, but was not incorporated until a decade later on December 29th, 1947. Since then the city has been expanding its footprint through annexation, beginning with a mere 69 acres in 1864 up until the inclusion of Emory University in mid-2017, meaning that over the years, the city has expanded approximately 84,573 acres.