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Aspects and Specifics of the Plan

In 2007, the Emory Village Overlay was established to protect the local businesses and surrounding community from unwanted growth. The purpose and intent of the Board of Commissioners in establishing the Emory Village Overlay District is to protect and promote the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of DeKalb County.

Some of its goals include:
 Preserve the commercial district in Emory Village in a way that is appropriate in size, scale, and density to serve adjacent residential neighborhoods and the adjacent Emory University campus.
 Ensure a compatible and diverse mix of residential, commercial, civic, cultural and recreational uses.
 Promote pedestrian safety and convenience as well as the safe management of traffic and public transit .
 Protect residential areas from land uses that are incompatible or that would adversely impact them and prevent incompatible land uses from encroaching along North Decatur and Oxford Roads.