The Fourth of July Pet Safety

//The Fourth of July Pet Safety

The Fourth of July Pet Safety

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The Fourth of July is a fun holiday for almost everyone except for pets. Most animals find the sound of fireworks terrifying and will often panic, flee their home or yard and become lost.

To ensure that the celebration is a happy one for you and your pet, follow these precautions:

  • Leave your pet at home instead of taking them to fireworks displays.Their hearing is much more sensitive than ours, so very few pets enjoy the noise.
  • Bring and keep them inside. This will help them feel safe. Also, since some animals become destructive when frightened, remove any items that they could ingest or destroy.
  • If you know your pet will be terrified, consult your veterinarian before the 4th.Veterinarians can prescribe a sedative to help relieve their anxiety.
  • ID tags, microchips and county license tags are your pet’s ticket home.Make sure your pet is wearing ID with current information and is microchipped as a precaution.

Check out our tips on finding lost pets.

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